My comments to the Superintendent regarding the SACS letter

In our continuing effort to be transparent, we are making public the letter that is being sent to AdvancED in response to their inquiry. We are also making public our comments about the response.

Dr. Atkinson’s Response to SACS
Nancy Jester’s Comments
Don McChesney’s Comments

From: Pam Speaks
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012
To: ‘’
Subject: My comments on the SACS response letter

Dr. Atkinson,

I suppose that the proper protocol is to send a letter such as the one sent to you by Dr. Elgart addressing allegations that our school district is in violation of AdvancED Accreditation Standards and/or Policies even though as I reread the letter it seems to me the letter should have been addressed to the DeKalb Board of Education instead of you because the alleged complaints are with the board not the superintendent. That aside, you are doing what you are required to do and that is to formulate a response. I believe the amended draft response effectively outlines the steps you have initiated with board approval and support to address the school district’s budget and financial concerns as well as other systemic changes designed to move the district forward.

Unfortunately in my opinion, the response does little to address the crux of what Dr. Elgart’s letter is all about and that is the behavior of individual members of the board and the operation of the board as a whole.
I need specific examples of allegations from AdvancED if I am being asked to respond to them. I respectively suggest that if this draft letter or some semblance there of is submitted to AdvancEd and results in and I quote, “if after review of your response, we believe the DeKalb County Public School System may be in violation of the AdvancED Accreditation Standards or policies, a Special Review Team may be appointed to visit the school system”, I suggest we add to this draft response that we welcome this Special Review Team. Maybe then, after such a visit we will be able once and for all to silence these complaints and allegations or maybe not.
If it results in the maybe not then we will have to deal with the consequences.

Thank you for allowing me to provide feedback.


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