My Opponent

Who has seen or heard from Ms. Mimi Clark? Where does she stand on any issue? Apparently nowhere. Ms. Mimi has not attended any of the scheduled forums to boldly stand up and address constituents to inform them of her views and answer their questions. Her only contact has been to place robo calls and send out mailers pitting Democrat vs. Republican. Her mailers and robo calls are devisive, sophomoric and just plain incorrect! Has anyone told Ms. Mimi that the school board race is a non-partisan race? My allegiance as a Board of Education representative is not to a particular political party but instead my allegiance is to children. Do you want a school board member who is divisive, sophomoric and just can’t get her facts straight representing you or your children? I shudder the thought.

Vote for Pam Speaks on Tuesday, July 31st.

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6 Responses to My Opponent

  1. Michael says:

    I am so glad you are willing to serve our County and community again. I of course have let everyone I know that you are the best person, in all aspects, to vote for.

    • Pam Speaks says:

      Thanks Michael and you know I really appreciate your support. As soon as things calm down a little I would love to have coffee with you and Jeannie. The two of you will be empty nesters soon:-)

  2. Mary Anders says:

    Hey Pam:

    Just wanted you to know we’re “rooting” for you, even though we can”t vote there. Good luck!! We’re telling family and friends to do so!


    • Pam Speaks says:

      Thanks Mary I really appreciate your support. I hope the next time you are visiting Peggy we can meet for coffee or lunch. Take care.


  3. Paula Caldarella says:

    Thank you for your service to our children. Good luck on Tuesday, you have my vote!!